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    I'm sure we need to assign a COTR to the BPA, but do we need to assign one to the delivery order?


    PGI says that you can waive the requirement for a COR if the contracting officer doesn't think he/she needs one, the order isn't complex and is under $150K.    Essentially, the contractor officer will monitor the delivery order himself.  Make sure to document the file why this was done.  If you can't meet these criteria, then assign a COR. 

    PGI 201.602-2 Responsibilities.
    (i) A contracting officer’s representative (COR) assists in the technical monitoring or
    administration of a contract.
    (A) For contract actions for services awarded by a DoD component or by any
    other Federal agency on behalf of DoD, contracting officers shall designate a properly
    trained COR in writing before award. The surveillance activities performed by CORs
    should be tailored to the dollar value/complexity of the specific contract for which they
    are designated. Contracting officers may exempt service contracts from this
    requirement when the following three conditions are met:
    (1)  procedures; The contract will be awarded using simplified acquisition

     (2) The requirement is not complex; and

    (3) appointment of a COR is unnecessary.

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