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    Is a DD2579 required on an already existing contract?


    As this is an option on a contract per FAR clause 52.217-8, Option to Extend Services, not having knowledge as to the dollar value of this action or as to whether the option was part of the original synopsis, the following information is provided:
    Each contracting activity has an assigned small business specialist which is charged with making recommendations in accordance with agency procedures as to whether a particular acquisition should be awarded under FAR subpart 19.5 as a small business set-aside, under FAR subpart 19.8 as a Section 8(a) award, or under FAR subpart 19.13 as a HUBZone set-aside. DFARS 219.201 identifies the DD Form 2579, the Small Business Coordination Record, as the prescribed document for coordination between the small business specialist and the Small Business Administration, regarding reviews of each acquisition over $10,000 for set-aside for small business. This review and coordination process helps to ensure that each organization is taking a proactive approach in its support of small business program goals.
    DFARS PGI 219.201 (d)(10) provides some guidance by stating that:
    PGI 219.201 General policy.
    (d)(10)(1) Agencies are not precluded from requiring that actions over $10,000, but under $100,000, that are totally set aside for small business be reviewed by the small business specialist. One example of when an agency may choose to require this review is when the agency determines that such a review is necessary to assist contracting officers in identifying opportunities for other small business set-aside programs (e.g., HUBZone, service-disabled veteran-owned) in order to meet small business goals.
    (2) Modifications that increase the scope of the contract, or the order under a Federal Supply Schedule contract, should be

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