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    Is it mandatory to do COR nomination memo for every task order if the COR has been appointed to the base contract?


    I don't know what PIL 2011-02 COR appointment is.  We can only answer quesitons at the DOD level.  My opinion is that you have to keep track of your CORs.  Your agency may be part of the COR Tracking Tool Pilots that will require a name of a COR against each order.  This tracking tool will likely become mandatory for all of DoD within the year.  Also, you must ensure that the COR is aware of each and every order made against the contract.  If the Letter of Designation or Appointment is clear that the COR is responsible for all the orders, the COR has a way to see all the orders, and your tracking tool doesn't require individual tracking, then it seems to me that one designation letter might work.  But again, I cannot comment on your agencies specific rules.

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