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    Has "timely" ever been defined or is "timely" a matter of the Contracting Officer's determination? Or local policy? is there a FAR/DFAR clause specific to a non-commercial quote that thas the same impact that 52.212-1(f) has on a commercial quote? FAR 52.213-4 doesn't appear to.


    There is no definition of "timely" in FAR Part 2; however Part 15.208  does address timeliness relative to negotiated acquisitions.  FAR Part 13.003  repeatedly recommends the use of any appropriate combination of the procedures  in parts 13, 14, 15, 35 or 36, therefore it could be appropriate to utilize  the principles set forth in 15.207 in determining whether a quote is late, or  whether the situation warrants acceptance of a "late" quote.  If you are in  the process of developing a solicitation or synopsis you could incorporate  language similar to 15.207 to ensure interested parties are put on notice of  the impact of a late quote. 

    I recommend that you consult with your Office of 

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