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    If there is a Milestone B approval, can that lead directly into the System Capability and Manufacturing Process, skipping Integrated Systems Design?


    Yes, it is posslble to be allowed entry in System Capability & Manfacturing Process Development (SC&MPD) at Milestone B IF the program has already completed all the activities normally accomplished prior to entry into SC&MPD. This means that the program has already completed a Critical Design Review (CDR), has rendered a Post-CDR Report, and the Milstone Decision Authority (MDA) agrees that the design maturity is commensurate for entry into SC&MPD. 

    Note that the the Integrated Systems Design (ISD) effort that precedes SC&MPD implies that a full-up prototype system, in fact, exists as an integrated entity.  The equivalent of the ISD effort would also have to be completed for the MDA to "greenlight" the system from Milestone B into SC&MPD. In other words, no shortcuts - to go directly to SC&MPD from Milestone B, the program must have already accomplished all required items that precede entry into SC&MPD, signified by a successful Post-CDR Assessment (P-CDRA) for programs that do the ISD effort.

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