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    When it's applicable, how can we limit competition so we can clearly state our security requirements and get what we need?


    First of all, one should validate if doing a J&A in order to waive competition using FAR 6.302-6, National Security, is even appropriate and related to national security for this requirement.  Agencies should also validate if other similar options like FAR 6.302-7, Public Interest, or FAR 6.302-5, Authorized or Required by Statue, are appropriate.
    In addition, one must also consider other avenues such as the small business set aside rules in FAR 19.502. Also note that FAR 8.002 lists the priorities of required sources.  For example, GSA may have an optional schedule that could be used (FAR 8.4).

    Another approach is to change where and how your agency solicits on your Government Point of Entry (GPE), like FedBizOpps.  If your requirement is of a classified or business sensitive nature, consider gaining access to secure versions of GPEs to solicit classified requirements.  GSA may be a viable source as long as it is not classified material.  See for guidance on attaching unclassified documents.
    In summary, if your requirement does not meet this general criterion for waiving competition in FAR Subparts 6.2 and 6.3, then you should compete full and open, FAR Subpart 6.1. Regardless, your SOW will have to more clearly define the requirements, and, at the same time, not publish sensitive or secure information that is outside the GPE classification parameters.

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