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    Is there some training , guidance, etc on the review of drawings/Technical Data PAckages to determine adequacy.


    To determine adequacy of the drawings you need to refer to your contract.  What does the Contract call for in the Contract Data Requirements List (CDRLs) that pertain to delivery of drawings?  Has the contractor complied?  What percentages of drawings are complete?  What is the Systems Engineer reviewing that pertains to drawings?  The DoD Preliminary Design Review (PDR) and Critical Design Review (CDR) checklists include many items to look for in terms of drawings to determine if they are addressing key concern areas for entering these design reviews.  To get these checklists, please Google DoD PDR checklist and DoD CDR  checklist.
    I find no formal or online training within DAU that specifically addresses reviewing actual drawings and the procedures for evaluating them.

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