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    Does the Small Business Procurement Center Rep have the authority to solicit small businesses though they did not respond to a sources sought ? Also, this is potentially delaying the procurement process as it is a very short award time frame. Must we have the concurrence of the Rep or does the Contracting Officer have the authority to proceed without signature?


    Typically, agency small business specialists act as an advocate to maximize small business opportunities in support of the mission of their organization.  Authority to contract flows from the head of agency to the contracting activities.  If your Small Business Procurement Center has been delegated authority to contract, then they have authority to solicit for their own contracting requirements.  In your situation, the Small Business Procurement Center rep appears to be pursuing their role as advocate with zeal, perhaps to the detriment of your procurement schedule. 

    Your agency competition advocate plays a major role in this sitiation in accordance with their responsibilities outlined in FAR 6.502.  Since he/she signed the DD2579 and is content with your market research methods and attempts to reach out to the small business community, you should feel comfortablw proceeding with an unrestricted competition. 

    You should inform your competition advocate of the new information and proceed as he/she and your contracting chain of command determine to be in the best interests of the Government.

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