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    In Federal or Commercial construction contracting, who is the designer of record? The controversy stems from the fact that an A/E has a contract with the government to provide a design for construction Contractor bidding. Extensions of design are allowed to be performed post award due to the fact that this practice will save time during procurement and that the extension of design will allow for miniature 'design-build' scenarios throughout construction. Another benefit is user input of what the design shall consist of. An example of this is the design of security systems. The prime A/E will design the building and then post award the government will allow the construction Contractor to hire a manufacturer as a subcontractor to design and install the security system. The issue comes from our guide specifications which state that the 'designer of record' shall approve the 'extension of design', in our case, the security system. Is the 'designer of record' the prime A/E or the designer acting as a subcontractor? Before making an answer, please refer to the Wikiopedia definition of 'Architect of Record', specifically the second paragraph of an architect's subcontractor becoming the 'Architect of Record'. Wikiopedia claims this is from AIA. Is there a FAR reference? Thank you very much for your response.


    The designer of record is the architecht or engineer whose stamp/seal is on the drawings/design.

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