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    Is DFARS Clause 252.232-7007 required to be in full text when the contract is being modified?


    FAR 52.102(c) provides that "Agency approved provisions and clauses prescribed in agency acquisition regulations, and provisions and clauses not authorized by subpart 52.3 to be incorporated by reference, need not be incorporated in full text, provided the contracting officer includes in the solicitation and contract a statement that --
    (1) Identifies all provisions and clauses that require completion by the offeror or prospective contractor;
    (2) Specifies that the provisions and clauses must be completed by the offeror or prospective contractor and must be submitted with the quotation or offer; and
    (3) Identifies to the offeror or prospective contractor at least one electronic address where the full text may be accessed."
    Based on the background provided with your question we presume the clause at DFARS 252.232-7007 was included either in full text in your original contract or information to complete the fill in portions was provided.
    While we find no requirement to include this clause in full text in your modification we also know of nothing that would preclude the full text repetition.  We generally recommend following a conservative course and in this case suggest that since the purpose of your modification is to provide changed information in this clause, including the full clause text might avoid a mistaken reading of the modified clause and possibly add support in protecting the Government's best interest if a dispute were to arise.

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