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    Can you award to both Large and Small A&E Firms (i.e., partial set-aside)?


    As we discussed today on the telephone, we cannot discover in Brooks Act procedures any such procedure as partial SB set-aside.  The Brooks Act procedures require awarding to the most highly technically qualified A-E contractor for the work the Govt. needs.

    Your question stemmed from a GSA solicitation where they indicate from the one annoucement they will be awarding 9 separate IDIQs.  5 IDIQs will be SB set-asides and 4 will go unrestricted.  From the announcement information, disregarding the wording which says partial set-aside, perceive the organization will award the separate nine IDIQs IAW Brooks. 

    No partial set-asides under one awarded IDIQ using Brooks could be possible.

    thanx for the inquiry,


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