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    Can a vendor invoice for G and A on top of their travel/ODC amount on a cost-type CLIN?


    The answer to your question depends on the company’s standard cost accounting practice and what has been negotiated in the contract. In regards to G&A, if the company calculates G&A on a total cost basis including travel, then G&A on travel is allowable unless prohibited by the terms and conditions of the contract as negotiated. That said some agencies have taken a position that they will not pay G&A (or fee) on travel and it is not negotiable. To be fair, contractors typically have costs associated with making travel arrangements paid through an indirect burden of either G&A or Overhead.  In regards to fee, it would depend on what you negotiate with the contractor.  Many Contracting Officers do not allow fee on travel, but others offer a lower amount. It is generally frowned upon to pay fee on travel. There is nothing in federal regulation that specifically allows or prohibits. It is a negotiation with the contractor.

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