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    Should a GS-1910 series quality Assurance Speciialist be considered a COR? A GS-1910 QAS is required to maintain a level II Acquisition Professional Developement Program Certification, while COR training requirements are dependent on the type of contract they are assigned. Seems like they forgot to include this series in all the regulations.


    In general, Quality Assurance Specialist, Contracting Specialists, Program Mangers, Testers, Logisticians and other individuals who are covered by DAWIA certification program are not assigned as CORs.  But it doesn't mean that they can't be assigned as COR every once in a while because they are in the best position to perform surveillance on a contractor doing some kind of contractual service.  Even though I'm an 1102, I have been assigned as a COR for the past 4  years because I have been delegated duties by the contracting officer to help monitor a contractor who is teaching for DAU.  If you have your Level 2 certification in Quality Assurance you should be waived from taking any COR courses.  Unfortuately, that piece of information is in the new DOD Instruction on COR Certification and Training that is still up at DOD for signature, but that is the intention.  Lastly, DFAR 201.602 (iii) says that a COR cannot be assigned to something that is already delegated to a CAO.  It doesn't say that a QA can never be a COR. There may be another scenerio that is causing you problems and if you need to talk through this more, you can call me at 703-805-4477. 

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