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    DFARS 219.502-1 Requirements for setting aside acquisitions states: Do not set aside acquisitions for: (1) Supplies which were developed and financed, in whole or in part, by Canadian sources under the U.S.-Canadian Defense Development Sharing Program; or (2) Architect-engineer services for military construction or family housing projects of $350,000 or more (10 U.S.C. 2855), including indefinite delivery and indefinite quantity contracts if the value of all anticipated orders is expected to total $350,000 or more. Are agencies interpreting this incorrectly in the case of a total Small Business Set-Aside? When refererring to Military Construction is the interpretation that this is for MILCON funded projects only? Would this would mean 219.502-1(2) would not apply for other construction projects? Is the interpretation that an IDIQ could include other A-E contracts that are not for construction?


    The threshold is a construction project that is more than $350,000. 

    You can have an IDIQ contract that will have designs for multple construction contracts.  As long each project's scope does not exceed $350,000.

    The A/E portion is a separate contract compared to the actual construction in the ground.

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