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    What courses are acceptable for COR Training? A previous answer to this question stated, "that any training can be taken". A COR has just submitted the following courses for his refresher training requirement: CLB 014 - Acquisition Reporting Concepts & Policy Requirements for APB, DAES, & SAR; CLB 030 - Cost Data Sources and BCF 102 - Fundamentals of Earned Value Management. Do these course qualify as COR refreser training?


    Refresher training is up to the supervisor.  The courses you listed in your e-mail look like appropriate training to me especially if the COR is working on large dollar, complex ACAT 1,2,3,4 programs. Assuming this COR is working on a Type B or C contract, he/she should be getting 16 hrs of training every 3 years. You should check if the training was taken in the past 3 years and if they total to 16 hours.  I've included the policy letter you should be using to access appropriate training at

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