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    What is the current or recently determined composition of the US DIB by number of 1, Prime contractors 2. Subcontractors on average associated with a prime


    Your question is difficult to answer in general terms of total magnitude.  The best source of such data would be the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy.  Their web page can be found at:
    That office produces an annual report to Congress each year on the U.S. Industrial Base entitled: Annual Industrial Capabilities Report To Congress.  The reports can be accessed on their web page under the “Studies” tab.  The office is organized by industrial sectors (i.e. Aircraft, Missiles, Ships, Ground Vehicles, Space, C4I, Services, and Other).  You did not indicate a specific sector focus in your question nor did you indicate the subject of your planning effort so as to focus on a specific segment of the DIB.
    Therefore, the best path to follow would be to contact the office directly.  You may accomplish this from their web site under the “Contact Us” tab.

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