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    Must I place another contract (unique source, since the first was a logical follow-on), or can I extend for an additional six months as long as I insure all the dollar/signature thresholds are met...etc? This is a FAR 15 contract. And what about a GSA/FAR 8 contract? Do I have period of performance restrictions or can I extend as long as I need until the new acquisition plan is placed? Thanks! Val Hawthorne


    The issue is regarding whether the extensions of time to permit the contractor to complete the work called for by the original contract are within the scope of the competition.  It appears from your question that the contract you are referencing is currently a logical follow-on award. If so, you may wish to talk with your legal office regarding an extension of the period of performance for a contract that was not competitively awarded. 

    The specific language in the option clause included in the contract, e.g.,
    FAR 52.217-8 Option to Extend Services, permits changes to the schedule allowing you to extend for an additional six months.  However, applying the option clauses assumes that the options were evaluated as a part of the initial competition.  Your legal office can assist you in making an appropriate determination of the scope of the competition and whether the period of performance extension is within scope.

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