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    Since these will be commercial robots or the fuzzy line of NDI and below the investment threshold, is it mandatory to go through all the required testing, documentation etc of the Integrated Life Cycle chart for MS C? Seems costly and time consuming for an expense system. Thank you.


    Enclosure 3 of the DoDI 5000.02 defines the different ACAT levels.  Enclosure 4 states all the mandatory requirements applicable to those ACAT levels.  The DoDI 5000.02 can be found here:
    Also, here is another link that may be useful to you to determine what documents are applicable to your program:
    I can't determine from your question if the robots are 250K Procurement dollars each or 250K Procurement total for the 112 of them.  If they are 250K each, then it looks like you are spending about $28M procurement which looks like you might be an ACAT III program.  In which case, a test and evaluation master plan (TEMP) is required for MSC.  Since this is an Army program, TEMP requirements for an ACAT III program are defined in DA Pam 73-1 located here:
    Typically, other non-mandatory, program specific requirements for Milestone C are left to the milestone decision authority to determine what will be applicable to your program.  In your case if you are an ACAT III program, these decisions will likely be made by the Army Acquisition Executive or designee. 

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