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    Can we execute RDTE appropriations in order to complete development of the system to meet the requirements shortfall for operation on all vehicles with only a CPD (no CDD)?


    If your program requested the RDT&E funding for this specific effort and Congress appropriated RDT&E budget authority for this effort (as specified in the R Forms), then you can execute the funding as allocated to your program. The key question to answer: ("Is Congress aware of the requirement for "some additional development using different or additional phenomenology")? You are encouraged to consult with your command and/or service comptroller for local, command or service guidance.
    Concerning the phase of the acquisition program and required documentation, please refer to the following link,
    All programs must enter the formal acquisition process at MDD and the PMO will need to have a complete recommended approach (an acquisition strategy) to present to the MDA on how the PMO plans to proceed directly to MS C and which documents are recommended being tailored. If the program is an ACAT I it will come under greater scrutiny than an ACAT III.
    Regardless of the basis of request, or command documentation requirements, if the requirement has been appropriately identified to Congress, which means the requirement was initially approved by service and DOD, and Congress subsequently approves funding authority for the requirement, then the appropriated budget authority may be executed.

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