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    Can a CLIN have a PoP longer than 12 months if it has annual appropriations on it? If there are many different appropriations, (O&MN, RDT&E, SCN, WCF, OPN, and more) is it appropriate to go in and extend the entire CLIN even if the funding on some of the SLINs may be expired?


    Yes, a CLIN can have a period of performance (PoP) longer than 12 months, even if annual funding is involved. The important thing to avoid is a violation of the Bona Fide Need rule. If the extension of the period of performance is due to a delay in completing the work that is already on contract, then the work likely conforms to the Bona Fide Need rule. However, if an extension the PoP is due to a change in the scope of the work, it would constitute a violation of the Bona Fide Need rule and is not permitted. The funds will be "cancelled" five years after they have expired. At the point of cancellation, the funds are no longer available for payment of any invoices.

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