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    I interpret the memo to be applicable to solicitations for new contract awards using the procedures in FAR part 15. is the intent of this new policy to also make it applicable to task/delivery orders issued against Multiple Award Contracts? FAR subpart 16.5 addresses ordering procedures for MACs and specifies that only "fair opportunity" be given to each contractor by means of a "notice." FAR 6.001(f) exempts orders placed against contracts awarded pursuant to FAR 16.5 from the requirements of FAR Part 6. It seems to me that even if a "solicitation" is issued as a means to provide notice to the contractor's involved in the MAC, it would not be applicable to the intent of the memo.


    Some clarification is needed. The Question Background refers to the "Enhanced Competition" memo from November 2010, but the DPAP memo entitled "Enhanced Competition for Task and Delivery Order Contracts" is actually from May 2008. The Background also mentions the issue of only one offer being received when soliciting for a period of less than 30 days, but that issue is addressed in another DPAP memo, the latest being "Improving Competition in Defense Procurements — Amplifying Guidance" dated April 2011. The latter memo does in fact apply to FAR Subpart 16.5 procurements. A copy of the memo can be found at

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