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    Is it possible to fund obsolescence issues with MIPA if you are under a full rate production contract?


    The program office pays for proactive obsolescence management and there is no directive addressing what specific funding appropriation may be used.  Some programs categorize obsolescence management under their Spares management, others under engineering, etc.

    Whichever appropriation is considered appropriate under given circumstances, the program office must provide specific justification in the budget request documentation (R-Forms or P-Forms) prepared for the POM/BES submission to OSD and the follow-on President’s Budget submission to Congress. 
    Since you can define what you're doing in the R-Doc, there is no problem as long as neither OSD nor Congress objects.  Guidance on the related subject of product improvement can be gleaned from DoD 7000.14-R, Volume 2A, Chapter 1, paragraph 010213 C. 7.  A visual representation of that guidance is presented below and at

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