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    How long are BP 100 Funds good for?


    Both types of funding to which you refer are within a procurement appropriation account (Aircraft Procurement, Air Force, most likely).  All procurement accounts appropriated to the Department of Defense with the exception of Shipbuilding and Procurement, Navy (SCN) are available for new obligations for three fiscal years.  SCN is available for five fiscal years.  These appropriations are said to be "current" during this three to five-year period.  At the end of the three (or five year) period, these appropriations are no longer available to make new obligations.  They are in this "expired" status for five more fiscal years and are available only to liquidate previous obligations or to make upward adjustments to previous obligations.  At the end of the five-year expired period the approrpriation  "closes" or "cancels" and is no longer available for any action (new obligations, obligation adjustments, or liquidation of obligations).  If a legitimate bill is submitted to the Government against a prevoius obligation in one of these "closed" appropriations the bill must be paid from a current appropriaton of the same type.

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