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    I am trying to determine the exact use of the Alterations clause and I need a clarification concerning a statement contained in the lanuage of the clause. The Clause states, in part, "contracts in order to revise or supplement, as necessary, other parts of the contract, or parts of the solicitation that apply after contract award," What does the statement "other parts of the contract" actually mean? Does it mean you can only modify certain portions of the contract, i.e. contract clauses or any part of the contract? And secondly can you use this clause at the time of award to incorporate omitted or new clauses into the award or can the clause only be used after the contract has been awarded?


    "Other parts of the contract" means any part of the contract that both sides agree to change as long as no laws or regulations are broken.  52.252-4 Alterations in Contract isused after contract award or to amend parts of the solicitation that apply after contract award.  To amend the parts of the solicitation that apply to the solicitation phase you would use 52.252-3 Alterations in Solicitation.

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