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    Can the GPC be used to purchase award such asTrophies or Similar items in Recognition of Accomplishments for Military personel br purchase with theGPC?


    Generally, the answer is no. You should check to see your particular Agency's GPC handbook to see if there is an exception.
    Here is an excerpt from the Army GPC regulation, AR 715-XX:
    C-34. Trophies, gifts, awards, plaques, and mementos as give-away items for hails, farewells, and other occasions Appropriated funds may not be used for personal gifts unless there is specific statutory authority to do so (68 Comp. Gen. 226, 1989). Examples of decisions where the Comptroller General determined expenditures to be improper included key chains distributed to educators who attended seminars sponsored by the Forest Service (54 Comp. Gen 976, 1975), novelty plastic garbage cans containing candy distributed by the EPA at an exposition (67 Comp. Gen. 385, 1978), and T-shirts stamped with Combined Federal Campaign logo to be given to employees contributing a certain amount (70 Comp. Gen., B-240001, Feb 8 

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