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    Does the Berry Amendment apply to components for a parachute system per DFAR 225.7002-2(m)(1)(iv)?


    Parachutes are items considered textile items. If the components themselves are made of or contain natural or man-made fibers, yarns, fabrics, or materials, then the components are likely covered by the Berry Amendment. A Raider Reserve Loop or Slip-On Pocket sounds like it would be made of materials described above. Clips, snaps, pins, zippers, and grommets likely would NOT be covered items. The key thing to remember about the Berry Amendment is the foundation of the restrictions placed on DoD were designed to help preserve the viability of the U.S. textile industry. So if the component involves the textile materials described above or uses textile manufacturing processes like weaving, sewing, or stitching, then it is something that should be evaluated carefully.

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