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    I am searching for information on what the best practices for on final reporting for DT&E. In particular what is required to be in the final DT report, if there are any standard report formating, section breakout, or templates, and examples of good or execellent DT reports that could be used and examples. I have searched DAU and have come up without much. The DAG has some highlevel guide lines for the report but I am looking for something more specific.


    After a thorough review of top level Navy, NAVSEA and COMOPTEFOR guidance documents, there does not appear to be any specific Navy guidance on a DT final report as far as content or formatting.  There is some limited guidance in DAG 9.7.2:
    9.7.2. Developmental Test and Evaluation (DT&E) Final Report
    For each program on the OSD T&E Oversight list, the DT&E Responsible Test Organization (RTO) should prepare a written report at the completion of the DT&E described in the Test and Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP). The DT&E report will provide a historical record of the final test and evaluation results for the system. In addition, the report should include the RTO’s assessment of a system’s military utility, capabilities and limitations; document the test techniques, procedures, and data analysis concepts; and provide data for operating/employment and maintenance manuals for the system. DT&E final reports should be submitted to the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) for inclusion in their repository.
    I recommend that you consult with the project office and the operational tester to see what they routinely like to see in these reports.  My guess is one or both commands will provide you a template with guidance.

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