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    On page 3 of the Enclosure, it references DoD 5000 Series; "A CBA is the Army's primary tool to enable resource-informed decisions in situations requiring a cost estimate or comparison of alternative courses of action (This does not apply in areas that already have robust cost-estimating procedures, such as the Defense Acquisition System governed by the DoD 5000 series directives)." Does anyone know what "robust systems" these are?


    The Assistant Secretary of the Army (Financial Management and Comptroller) (ASA (FM&C)) point of contact cited on the memorandum provided by the submitter contacted each other to facilitate answering the question. Basically, the term "robust" was used simply as a descriptor. There is not a set list of cost-estimating procedures, but the ASA (FM&C) point of contact is available to answer whether a nominated cost-estimating procedure can receive a waiver to the published policy.

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