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    What is the difference between attachments and exhibits in Section J? When do we use one or the other? Does it matter if we are actually attaching the document (or incorporating it by reference only) in PADDS? FAR Part 15.204-4 does not address the difference between the two.


    There is no clear distinction between the use of the terms "attachment" and "exhibit" as they relate to Section J. In fact, the title of Part III (of which Section J is the only section) is "List of Documents, Exhibits, and Other Attachments" (my emphasis), suggesting that documents and exhibits are types of attachments. In other words, everything in Section J is an attachment. I wouldn't get too hung up on shades of meaning here. The important thing is that offerors can clearly follow a logical trail of documentation, and can locate or download the relevant documents with ease. 

    The statement of work can be quite lengthy, so in many cases t makes sense to include it as an attachment. The attachments in the list must be clearly described and labeled so the offeror can find and locate the documents, whether they are included in the package as hard copy documents or at an online location such as the Procurement Automated and Documents System (PADDS).

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