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    1. What references are available to explain how the End of Life Cycle for equipment and materiel should be managed? 2. What basic issues must be considered when evaluating if End of Life Cycle is being managed correctly.


    The following U.S. Army references that contain guidance on disposal and demilitarization (how to end the life cycle) of equipment and material (including issues and criteria), and are included at
    1.  Army Regulation (AR) 700-127, Integrated Logistics Support
    2.  AR 700-144, Demilitarization and Trade Security Controls
    3.  Army Acquisition Logistics Assessment Checklist, Version 5.0
    4.  Department of the Army (DA) Pamphlet 700-28, Integrated Logistics Support Program Assessment Issues and Criteria
    5.  DA Pamphlet 700-56, Logistics Supportability Planning and Processes in Army Acquisition

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