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    After completing all the requirements on the DD 1594 is a supporting close-out modification SF30 required ? Is there a FAR/DFARS prescription that supports requiring a close-out modification in addition to the DD 1594 ?


    There is no contract modification specifically required to closeout a contract.  However, there may be contract modifications required to prepare the contract for closeout.  Specifically, to remove excess funds or transfer Government Furnished Property, etc.  Refer to the DD Form 1597, Contract Closeout Check-List, for action items that may require a contract modification.  The DD Form 1594, Contract Completion Statement, anticipates that all contract modifications have been completed and issued – see Item 2b of the form that asks for the Last Contract Modification Number.  That would be the normal sequence of events. 

    However, there are times when the contract modification could come after the execution (signature) of the DD Form 1594.  That possibility is anticipated in Item 10a of the form, to wit, “…only if final completion of any significant purchasing office action extends more than three months beyond close-out date shown in item 9d. above. …” thereby extending the close-out date of the contract.  Please note that when Item 9c is signed, it indicates that all contract administration office actions have been completed by the date entered in Item 9d. of the form. 

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