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    Can a program with one CDD for the capability spawn multiple CPDs, e.g. one for Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force? Would these be treated as different variants. What would be all the Program Level impacts of this JCIDS document strategy?


    The first 2 parts of the question are best addressed to the joint staff but it would be an exception to the normal JCIDS process to have multiple CPDs from one system CDD.  All of the service capabilities should be addressed in one CPD with input from each of the services.  It is hard enough to get one capability document through the process that you would generally want to avoid doing it three times when one will suffice.
    The last part of the question is necessarily dependent on the particulars of the program.  Some general areas of concern would be:
    - configuration management of several configurations simultaneously
    - information assurance
    - support of various configurations in the field
    - operational testing of each configuration

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