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    1) Is there definitive criteria for the amount of time difference allowable between the effective and signed in date difference? 2) Are there limitations/regulations about when a difference is/is not allowable? 3) If the signed date is AFTER the effective date, what documentation is required for the file?


    1.  From my research, I did not find any definitive criteria of the allowable time difference between effective and signed dates.
    2.  From my research, I did not find any limit or regulation about when a difference is/is not allowable other than the effective date is the date atha all contractual rights and obligations begin.  The signed date is the date that the effective date was agreed to.
    3.  If signed date is after the effective date, you should note when the contracting officer gave a verbal order for the contract to start.  You will want to put this in a memo for the file and in the contract document itself.  You can use wording such as, "This award confirms the verbal order or award given by the contracting officer on 

    You may also want to discuss this with your counsel and contracting officer.

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