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    1. Loss Damage Theft or Drstroy Government assets accountable to 52.245-2, are the assets processed the same as 52.245-1? 2. when excess to the contract are they processed through Plant Clearance (PCARS)


    The full text of FAR 52.245-1 applies along with FAR 52.245-2, so the answer to both of your questions is yes. However, property that is specifically listed to be reported excess under the -2 must first follow the specific guidance to request concurrence for removal at the contractor's expense in accordance with that clause.

    Only if concurrence is granted, then the contractor removes those specific items as authorized under the -2 clause with no need for the PCARSS process. Those items should have no residual value, including any prospect for reutilization or any return on the investment, including scrap value.

    Please request further information is this answer isn't fully satisfactory. Thank you for your question.

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