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    Can work be added to this contract once the technical period of performance date has past, but before the contract end date? -


    The contract end date is often established as the last day of the overall contract's period of performance, so it's not clear what circumstances are at work in your situation. POPs for individual CLINs frequently vary from the overall contract end date. However, by not having the overall POP match the contract end date, you have a potential conflict and may need to modify the contract to correct this discrepancy. That being said, a potentially larger issue is whether the additional work being contemplated falls within the overall scope of the contract. If it doesn't, and if the addition will result in a cardinal change, either the additional work will have to be re-solicited or a J&A for Other than Full and Open Competition in accordance with FAR 6.3 will have to be accomplished. Please check with your organization's legal counsel for advice.

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