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    In the class I took it was mentioned that we would need to complete further training in order to actually do work as a COR. A WAWF course was mentioned and an Ethics course was mentioned as requirements. What exactly are those courses, i.e. full course name, and where can I find them in order to take them? Also, what else would I need to take?


    Being a COR is not a career field.  The current requirement is that all Services Contracts over $150,000 will be assigned a COR by a contracting officer and the customer to assist in the montioring of a contract.  Depending upon the complexity of the contract, the COR assigned much take CLC 106 , 8hrs(low complexity Firm Fixed Price Contracts) or CLC 222, 32 hrs (high complexity contracts).  You also need to take the a short WAWF and Ethics module (CLM 003). All of these courses, except  WAWF are available on-line with DAU at Use your CACC to register for these classes.  The WAWF training is not mandatory, but your organization may want you to take it.  They may give their own training or you can go to any search engine - type in WAWF - and take the training.  Check you organization first on what they want you to do.
    But again, COR is not a career field.  You can take all the COR training you want, but you are not a COR unless you have been assigned by your supervisor and then delegated authority by a contracting officer to serve as a COR on a contract that supports the organization where you work. Therefore, you need to make your wishes known to your supervisor. The supervisor will be looking for your subject matter expertise on the contracted work as the primary reason why you will be nominated. 

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