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    1) Should DFARS 252.211-7003 be in solicitations for any supply contract where the unit cost is $5,000 or above, whose item is a commercial item acquired under FAR Part 12 and 13.5? 2) If answer is YES, what shoud the Requiring Activity do? Should the Requiring Activity write a statement of work that includes appropriate CDRL, or Data Item Descriptions? We'd like to know Requiring Activity's responsibility more details about DFARS 252.211-7003. Thank you very much.


    Please review DFARS 211.274 for further information on this subject. I cannot identify any action needed to be taken by a requiring activity to use this clause if the unit acquisition value of the material is in excess of $5000. The basic requirements for identification and marking of items is set forth in MIL-STD 130, so a review of that regulation may also be useful. I found no exceptions for items not touching U.S. soil.

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