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    Can the Government issue the Same GFP to two different contractors at the same time? If so, who is accountable for the GFP and the transfer of the GFP between the two Contractors? This would be a temporary issuance. Wouldn't there be some conflict if both contractors needed the GFP at the same time?


    Only one contract can be issued the property at any time.  Once Contractor A no longer requires the property, the Government could ship the property to Contractor B for their use as GFP; also, the Government can increase or
    decrease property at any time. (An equitable adjustment may be requested from the contractor.)
    If you would like to learn about the use of property on a "non-interference" basis, guidance is provided in FAR 52.245-9 Use and Charges. Do not hesitate to ask another question if this response is not entirely satisfactory. 

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