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    Need to define the discriminators as to when CSAG Supply Division monies vs CSAG Maintenance Division monies is used for engineering services. If possible need specifics into the language that would be used to define.


    Per AFMAN65-604, under CSAG, business operations formerly known as MSD and DMAG are now referred to as Supply Division and Depot Maintenance Division, respectively.
    Supply Division activities are authorized to procure and manage reparable and consumable items for which the Air Force is the Inventory Control Point. Maintenance Division activities are authorized to perform overhaul, conversion, reclamation, progressive maintenance, modernization, software development, storage, modification, and repair of aircraft, missiles, engines, accessories, components, and equipment.
    Further, in defining BUDGET ACTIVITY (BA) 01 Operating Forces, AFMAN65-604, on page 17, says:
    “The use of CSAG-M includes depot-level maintenance, aircraft overhaul, reclamation, manufacture, assembly and disassembly, inspection, testing, sustaining engineering, maintenance, and updates.”
    Based on this, one would conclude that CSAG Maintenance Division monies are used for engineering services.  We would advise you to consult with HQ AFMC policy personnel for a definitive answer.

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