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    The question has been asked if the 2011 Annual Ethics Training required of most federal employees is equivalent to the CLM 003 Overview of Acquisition Ethics? Can the 2011 Annual Ethics Training Certificate be used to meed the requirement of acquisition ethics training above?


    There is no determination of "equivalency" for continuous learning modules.  From DAU's perspective, the term equivalency applies to courses, not modules.  Therefore, I can not tell you that DAU has deemed this two training modules, equivalent or not. The ethics training requirement is for one hour of acquisition ethics. Does your "2011 Annual Ethics Training Certificate" represent an hour or more of acquisition ethics?  Because it is training for all Gov't employees, I do not think it is acquisition training, so it would not apply.  But again, this is not a DAU decision.  In the end, the supervisor nominates the COR and the Contracting Officer will have to decide if the nominated COR has recieved the required training in order for the Contracting Officer to appoint the COR and delegate the tasks.  Personally, I wouldn't count the general ethics certificate as acquisition ethics. 

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