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    Is there any research available that shows the affect of heat and humidity on the shelf life of materials/equipment that would stored in an environment with daily spikes in temperatures? Are only certain shelf life coded material affected by such temperature spikes?


    Your concerns relative to the effects of heat and humidity are genuine and a continuous matter of discussion for acquisition professionals/provisioners.  As you are probably aware, the LCS Mission Modules (Weapons, Sensors, or Vehicles) you are working on are critical to the LCS strategy.
    FYI and background knowledge, the Army Depot at Tobyhanna operates the DoD's "Torture Chamber" for packaging study.  Worth looking into.  Additionally, check out this website for additional Torture Chamber info:

    Mr. Scott Davis, at Naval Supply Systems Command, NAVSUP, is involved with LCS Enterprise Support.  He's heavily involved with PMS 420, the Mission Module Program, at NAVSEA.

    I spoke with him Thursday AM, 30 Jun 11, and he's happy to get you up to speed on all that is being done.  He can point you in the appropriate direction to satisfy your query.  I hope this helps.  Let us know.  Thanks for participating. 

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