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    1) When items go into the sustainment phase, in our cases with F-16 @ Hill AFB, does the SAPM responsibility shift to area where the sustainment is being performed? 2) On items to purchase, shouldn't these items still be going through AFSAC?


    According to AFMAN 16-101 the Security Assistance Program Manager (SAPM) is responsible for security assistance programs, FMS, and acquisition aspects of programs under his purview. That same paragraph goes on to say that "The SAPM's authority and responsibilities end when a Notice of Supply/Services Complete (NSSC) has been submitted for every line in a case"
    Para continues with the SAPM is responsible for day-to-day execution of the program either in production or in sustainment.
    And Para speaks to SAPM assignment.  For the most part the SAPM is assigned for a system sale (acquisition).  A SAPM can be assigned when there is "continued sustainment support"  Note that para states SAPM responsibilities regarding sustainment for new FMS cases should be addressed on a case-by-case basis.
    In other words SAPM responsibilities may shift to sustainment on a case-by-case basis, depending on the level of complexity. 
    AFMAN 16-101 can provide additional guidance regarding Security Assistance Program Manager assignment and responsibility.
    2) As for whether LORs should still go through AFSAC.  The answer in most instances is yes for it supports the acquisition of parts, equipment, etc.
    Contact the Command Country Manager or Case Manager at AFSAC for further guidance.

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