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    Is this a "direct acquisition" or an "assisted acquisition"? Would this be a "Direct acquisition" because we work directly with the FFRDC and the fact that we MIPR funds to another DoD agency to pay for the service doesn't matter? Direct acqusitions do not require support agreements between the two DoD agencies. or Would this be considered an "assisted acquisition" because even though we work directly with the FFRDC we send funds for the contract to another DoD agency? Assisted acquistions would require our DoD agency to have a support agreement (DD1144) with the other DoD agency that we MIPR the funds to. Also is a direct acquisition funded through a purchase request while an assisted acquistion is funded with a MIPR


    Based on our telephone conversation, your question revolves around defining "direct" or "assisted" acquisition in order to determine whether an interagency support agreement needs to be in place between your agency and the contracting agency as required by AT&L Memo dated Oct 31 2008 and DODI 4000.19

    There are two compelling arguments to be made against requiring a support agreement.  The first is the the unique nature of
    Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDC) contracts, in that the contracts are only in place between one agency/service (the sponsor) and that company. In other words, you have no choice but to reach out to other agencies/services to obtain the services of an FFRDC.

    The second is the extent of descriptions in the DODI 4000.19 of what constitutes services or supplies.  The DODI is clearly referring to services and supplies of a greater scale and those that cannot be provided in house.
    It is the opinion of this Professor that the requirements of an interagency agreement/DDForm1144 do not apply to your FFRDC situation.  I also recommend you speak with the DOD agency (FFRDC sponsor) who will be contracting with the FFRDC for you and inquire if other DOD activities are implementing interagency agreements with them.

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