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    What document is required to 'authorize' an acquisition command to 'accept/execute' a JCIDS document?


    The governing instruction is Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Instruction (CJCSI) 3170.01G, March 2009, which specifies an Initial Capabilities Document (ICD) for a Materiel Development Decision (MDD).  It deletes the Joint Capabilities Document (JCD) as an option resulting from a Capabilities Based Assessment (CBA), but does allow acceptance of JCDs that entered staffing under a previous version of the 3170 instruction.  So, assuming the JCD was developed prior to March 2009, it is valid as a JCIDS document for an MDD and no other document would be necessary, including an "O&O" (presumably an Organizational and Operational Plan). 

    Having said that, the program office may be asking for an O&O because they feel the JCD does not adquately define Marine Corps requirements or how the item will be used according to Marine Corps operational doctrine.  Since the situation revolves around Service-specific policy and circumstances, any additional questions should be addressed to HQ, Marine Corps Combat Developments Command (MCCDC), which is the combat developer for the Marine Corps, and/or HQ, Marine Corps Systems Command (MARCORSYSCOM), which is the materiel developer for the Marine Corps, assuming the program is not under a Program Executive Officer (PEO).

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