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    Can we add the extension clause to the contract after award? There is some discussion that if the -8 clause was a part of the solicitation, it could have made a difference in the bids; therefore, it cannot be added (unless award was made to all the bidders that proposed). Thank you!


    I don't have all the pertinent information about your contract but I tend to believe that you have gotten competition but omission of FAR 52-217-8 Extension of Services Clause creates a dilemma for those offerors that would have responded differently to your solicitation had the clause been included in the solicitation and resulting contract.

    One of the questions that I had for you was where are we in the performance period of the contract. Following your Contracting Officer's concern, I would execute a J&A and add the clause. In this way your actions are covered and your contract file would withstand any future scrutiny. 


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