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    What does this "Don't" statement mean?


    The SETA support contractor is on contract to do a specific job.  You can say to a Government person - do this, do that. without causing a change to a contract.  But a change to the work performed by a SETA contractor may cause a change to the scope of their contract and require added funds.  

    As you were taught in your COR training, COR cannot change the scope of the contract .... cannot change the work to be performed on the contract. I know this is a squishy area because we have so many support contractors working in our offices, performing close to inherently governmental jobs.  If you are worried about saying anything wrong, check with your contracting officer. 

    Regarding the "no instructor" issue.  There are no instructors assigned to any continuous learing modules.  Although DAU would love for COR TRaining to be an on-line course with faculty assigned, we can't, because we were provided no funding for additional faculty for the COR training.  About 40K CORs take our on-line courses per year.  Training and certification of COR is a fairly new concept and over time it may grow.  DAU has been extremely involved with this transition.

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