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    Does DAU have any BCAs for an ACT 1C program that we could review?


    DAU has very limited examples of Business Case Analyses, and only as they pertain to Performance Base Logistics (PBL) and supporting programmatic decisions for lifecycle management.  The best place to find this information is within the Acquisition Community Connection (ACC), under the heading “Business Case Analysis”.  Here is the link; however you will need to become a member to access the information:

    As a minimum, a BCA should include:

    ·  An introduction that defines what the case is about (the subject) and why (its purpose) it is necessary. The introduction presents the objectives addressed by the subject of the case.
    ·  The methods and assumptions that state the analysis methods and rationale that fixes the boundaries of the case (whose costs and whose benefits examined over what time period). This section outlines the rules for deciding what belongs in the case and what does not, along with the important assumptions. 
    ·  The business impacts are the financial and non-financial business impacts expected in one or more scenarios.
    ·  Risk assessment that shows how results depend on important assumptions ('what if'), as well as the likelihood for other results to surface. 
    ·  Conclusions and recommendations for specific actions based on business objectives and the results of the analysis.

    The BCA becomes an iterative process, conducted and updated as needed throughout the life cycle as program plans evolve and react to changes in the business and mission environment.

    You can find further documents and guidelines, as well as workshop presentations and examples at the bottom of the page.  The most recent example which DAU can provide (dated 14 Apr 2004) is from the Army’s Stryker program program:

    If your question has to do with conducting a BCA for any other purpose, the guidelines contained in the ACC would still be valuable tools, including the templates, and I would encourage your organization to take advantage of the information contained there.

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