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    Will I list FAR Clauses in FAR Part 15 and also in FAR Part 12 when I create the solicitation?


    Yes. While a sole source acquisition streamlines the solicitation and proposal process, many FAR Part 12 and Part 15 procedures still apply. For example, the basic commercial item clause at FAR 52.212-1 covers warranty terms and period of acceptance for the offer, which are still applicable in sole source situations. Note that this provision can be tailored as needed (e.g., for a sole source situation). Furthermore, FAR 52.212-3 lays out the reps and certs required, which are independent of sole source status. Regarding Part 15, the clause at 52.215-1 specifies that it is to be used for competitive acquisitions, so that would not apply. However, other Part 15 clauses that do not specify "competitive acquisitions" would still apply.

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