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    Please clarify for a. Cost type contracts which only cited the main clause 52.245-5, there is no replacement of GP contractual requirements and the contracts with 52.245-5 Deviation version are either still in effect or are also deleted in its entirety along with the main 52.245-5 clause, AND b. Fixed price contracts with 52.245-2 with Alt I Deviation or 52.245-2 with Alt II Deviation are these versions of the clauses cited in contracts still in effect or deleted in their entirety along with the main 52.245-2 clause?


    The Block Change Mod does not have to list separately the clause and its associated deviation(s), because it wouldn't matter--once the clause is deleted, a class deviation associated with it goes as well. In other words, take away the requirement; you take away the need for a waiver (deviation) to the requirement.

    Accordingly, a Class Deviation associated with a (deleted) clause is no longer applicable, binding, once the clause is deleted.

    Please do not hesitate to ask another more specific question if this response is not entirely satisfactory.

    Disclaimer: The information contained in this AAP response represents only the views of the presenter.  The information presented should not be construed as changing any regulatory guidance or the term(s) of any contract.  Also, the information presented has no direct impact on any property management system analysis.

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