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    Can you use the GPC card for purchases from


    2.2. Purchases Requiring Authorization. Requests for the following supplies, equipment, Other Government Motor Vehicle Conveyance (OGMVC)/Low Speed Vehicles (LSV) or non-personal services require the cardholder to contact the specified controlling/servicing organization before making the purchase. Except where noted below, documented, verbal approval, including the date and identity of the authorizing official, is sufficient. In most cases, coordination via electronic mail is the most practical method for document approval.
    2.2.2. Communication and Computer Equipment and Software, Including Telephone Instruments, Cell Phones, and Expansion Plug-in Cards. Authorizing Official: Communications Squadron. Approval through the Communication and Information Requirements Process (AFI
    33-103) must be obtained if required. This is required to ensure configuration control, compatibility with Air Force and joint systems and compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, as amended in 1998 (PL 105-220). Technical solution documentation provided by the communications and information officer should be maintained in the cardholders’ files. Note: Secure telephones cannot be purchased direct from vendors using the GPC. All secure phones must be requisitioned through the Standard Base Supply System.
 Rotate Sources. Whenever practical, solicit suppliers in addition to the previous
    vendor before placing repeat orders.
 Ensure that a reasonable price is obtained. Comparing prices offered by other
    vendors for the same or similar item or service is the preferred method to determine prices
    as being fair and reasonable. If suppliers furnish standing price quotations or catalog prices
    on a recurring basis, obtaining competition on individual purchases is not necessary, but
    the prices should be periodically confirmed as current. When determining the number of
    sources to solicit, consider the nature of the item or service to be purchased and whether it
    is highly competitive; information from recent purchases of the same or similar items or
    services; the urgency of the purchase; the dollar value of the purchase; and past experience
    concerning dealer prices. A special effort should be made to solicit small and small disadvantaged businesses as a source for supplies and services whenever practicable.

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